DO Alella sparkling wines

Discover our magnificent Catalan sparkling wines

At Can Roda we make the best Catalan sparkling wines with the designation of origin of Alella, ideal for any celebration with friends or family. Alella sparkling wines have an exceptional quality thanks to the magnificent characteristics provided by the Mediterranean terrain on which their vineyards are located.

If you want to celebrate a special event or you fancy giving Catalan sparkling wine of excellent quality as a gift, don’t think twice. The sparkling wines of DO Alella by Can Roda will undoubtedly be an excellent gift that everyone will love.

At Can Roda, we make varieties of Catalan sparkling wines that have been postulated as one of the DO Alella sparkling wines with the most character and personality, such as Gran Minguet Brut Nature Reserva, Brut Nature and Elles.

We produce our wines completely organically with methods that respect the environment and raw material, which guarantees you acquire extraordinary Catalan sparkling wines and great taste.

Do not hesitate and buy one of our sparkling wines online from the comfort of your own home or, if you prefer to give one away, send it to someone’s home and surprise that special person. We even offer the option of gift cases of sparkling wines with each variety in them, so you can enjoy them all.

Why choose a DO Alella sparkling wine by Can Roda?

One of the elements that make Catalan Alella sparkling wines special is the climate. The climate of this area is Mediterranean, mild and its average annual rainfall ranges between 550 mm. and 800 mm.

The region of the Vallès Oriental, where our winery, presents a great variety of natural landscapes and has fertile soil that provides exceptional taste to our wines.

Curiously, Can Roda is one of the closest wineries to the metropolitan area of Barcelona, which makes us a very attractive option for travelers visiting the Ciudad Condal (City of Counts) and want to taste one of the best sparkling wines of Catalonia.

In our winery, DO Alella sparkling wines are made according to the traditional method with secondary fermentation in the bottle, which gives all our wines an exceptional character and an intense and personal personality.

Therefore, the result of all this is an exceptional Catalan sparkling wine you can buy in our online sparkling wine store by Can Roda.

Try our Catalan sparkling wine from Alella

Sparkling Wine Gran Minguet Brut Nature Reserva

At Can Roda, our Great Minguet Brut Nature Reserva is the crown jewel of Catalan sparkling wines from Alella. It’s a wine yellow “pink happiness” with a reflection of new gold, a fine persistent bubble, and a final crown formation.

On the nose, the diversity of aromas of good intensity stand out, we find a string of well harmonized aromas, vineyard peach, toasted almonds, on a sweet smell of brioche and apple cake.

The entry notes are creamy, with a bubbly and voluminous feel, balanced acidity and a long finish full of worthy nuances of a wine aging with lees, where we find the creamy hints of brioche, toasted nuts and personality of a shy salty touch.

The grape variety with which we make our Alella sparkling wine is the pansa blanca, the alcohol content of 12% and the ideal serving temperature 8-10 ° C.

You can buy our stock at our online sparkling wine store. This is made by manual harvesting in boxes of 15 kg capacity, soft pressing with a pneumatic press and exclusively using flower must and soft pressing fractions up to 0.4 atm of pressure.

This Catalan sparkling wine pairs with a variety of long-boiling dishes, rabbit casserole, marmitako, roast chicken, tripe or patiently prepared dishes.

Sparkling Wine Brut Nature

Another example of sparkling wine you can buy in our online store is the Brut Nature wine. Its bright gold color lemon reflections, thin and consistent bubble, and formation crown truly stand out.

The aromas play on the nose with hints of white fruits and flowers of fruit on a subtle bitter companion plant delicate notes of nuts.

The entrance is fresh, and alive present bubble denoting a balanced tingling, persistent end of creamy sensation and a post final dry taste which meet again flowers, enhancing touches of pastries.

The variety of grapes for wine Brut Nature is traditional for sparkling wines DO Alella, white pansa and muscat. It has an alcohol content of 12% and perfect serving temperature is 6-8 ° C.

This wine is made in the second slow fermentation in the bottle following the traditional method for 45 days at a temperature of 12 ° C, and subsequent aging in rhyme the lees for a minimum period of 15 months.

It is perfect to accompany dishes such as John Dory fish with garlic and white wine clams.

Sparkling wine Elles

Sparkling rosé wine where the notes of red and forest fruits merge with a lively and persistent carbon from the second fermentation in the bottle.

We have created it to honor the women in our family who always took on new projects with great strength and energy. Syrah, merlot and black garnacha drink.

It is a pale pink sparkling wine with yellow and reddish reflections, medium fine bubbles and a wide crown.

With aromas derived from its aging, notes of pastries and yeast appear on a background of light red fruits and vegetables. On the palate it is fresh, with a mild carbonic and a citrus finish.

The production process is with a second fermentation in the bottle and subsequent aging for at least 12 months at 13ºC. Natural grape harvest of clarification and without adding expedition liquor.

In short, we encourage you to try our sparkling wines and Catalan vermouths by Can Roda, and other varieties we produce at our winery. You won’t regret it!