White Wine Pansa Blanca Muscat

White grape white wines are one of the most popular wine varieties to pair with our stews and seafood dishes. There are so many wines out there, but finding a good one isn’t so easy. At Can Roda we have three types of white wines with excellent flavor and great personality.

One of our specialties is the muscat white wine. It is a fruity wine with a sweet touch that combines perfectly with all kinds of fish and summer dishes,like salads, gazpacho and salmorejo.

Muscat white wine is ideal for the light dishes that go with summer and late spring, in which we crave simple meals, vegetables, or something cold. And if we decide to buy muscat wine online for pairing for wonderful fresh fish we enjoy in Spain.

At Roda Can, we produce all our wines naturally, with traditional elements, personality, and an exquisite final result. So if you want to enjoy this wine now we make it easy. You can buy muscat wine online in our store. Why would you wait any longer to enjoy it?

  • Type of wine– White
  • Year– 2021
  • Designation of Origin– Alella
  • Volume– 75 cl.
  • Alc. Vol– 12%
  • Allergens– None
  • Grape variety– Pansa Blanca – Muscat – Chardonnay
  • Service temperature – btween 4 and 7 ºC


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Notes of Pansa Blanca Muscat white wine

Our muscat wine is pale yellow wine with a greenish tinge, and light looking tears.

It has a lovely aromatic expression, clean, pleasant with hints of fleshy fruits like peach, Saturn peach, flowers like jasmine and magnolia, over some touches on some dry herbs.

The entrance is light and fresh, with a subtle sweet and lingering finish of pleasing balance of bitterness, acidity and sweetness,with an aftertaste of white fruit with hints of herbs.

vi pansa blanca muscat

Characteristics of the white wine Pansa Blanca Muscat So de Masia Can Roda

The grape variety with which we make this muscat wine is the white raisin, indigenous to the DO Alella, and the muscatel. The result is a wine with an alcohol content of 12.5%. This wine is best served very cold, between 4 and 7ºC. If you can’t wait to taste it, you can now buy Muscat wine online and receive it quickly and easily at home.

How do we make our Pansa Blanca Muscat white wine?

Our muscat wine is made through manual harvesting in 15 kg capacity boxes, soft pressing with a pneumatic press and using exclusively the flower must and the soft pressing fractions up to 0.4 atm pressure.

Static removal for 36 hours at 12ºC and subsequent alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature of 14ºC for 18 to 20 days with separation by variety.

In the case of muscatel, the pre-fermentative maceration is cold and takes place for 48 hours at 10ºC. The wines are then stirred, clarified and filtered before bottling.

How to pair our white wine Pansa Blanca Muscat?

Our muscat wine is a light and pleasant wine, suitable for special occasions, as well as to welcome a reception and accompany light dishes such as green salads or steamed fish.

Now you can buy our Muscat wine online for you or your next guests. You can even find our other white wines crianza or our pansa blanca white wine, you’re sure to find your favorite. Don’t forget our other rosé wines, red wines, aperitif wines, sweet wines and sparkling wines to pair with your favorite dishes or also to give as a gift to that special someone.

Can Roda wines are DO Alella wines of excellent quality, made in a completely natural and ecological way following the traditional method. You can’t go wrong!

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