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At Can Roda, we try to improve the lives of our customers by making it easy to buy DO Alella wine online. Therefore, we have an online store so that they can buy any of our specialty wines online, prepared in our cellar to the delight of lovers of Alella wine.

At Can Roda, our goal is to improve the lives of our customers by making it easy to buy DO Alella wines online. For this reason, we have an online store so that you can buy wines online of all specialties, made in our winery to the delight of Alella wine lovers.

Now you can enjoy the best Catalan wines, the most interesting Mediterranean wines, which have more personality for the most demanding palates wines just by going online.

Discover Clarea, our aperitif wine

If you are looking for a DO Alella wine at home for an aperitif, our Clarea vermouth is the perfect choice. With a seductive amber color reflecting its ochre tones, it has a persistent dense and unhurried tear.

You can bring a lot of play to good food, with anchovies, olives, assorted chips and a quiet evening with brownies, cereal cookies or honey cakes. Keep in mind that buying DO Alella wine online is very easy in our store.

Try our white wines

If you want a unique white wine and you prefer buying Catalans wines online, you’re in the right place. Now you can buy our Pansa Blanca wines and muscat as well as the Pansa Blanca Crianza Sauló.

Pansa Blanca Muscat

Pale yellow color wine with green reflections, light in appearance and present tear.

It is a light and pleasant wine, suitable for good times as well as welcoming reception and accompanying light dishes such as green salads or steamed fish.

Pansa Blanca white wine

Wine pale yellow and bright, green reflections and light tears.

A wine for long conversations we accompany tables full of little bites, finger food, snacks, potato croquettes, including rice dishes of fish or clams.

Take the opportunity to buy DO Alella wines online from the Pansa Blanca variety now that buying wines of the highest quality online is easy and fast.

Pansa Blanca Crianza Sauló

New lemon yellow coloured wine with golden reflections, dense appearance with the presence of persistent tears.
Ideally paired with cured cheeses, white meats, baked fish, nuts …

If you’re a wine snob and want to buy online DO Alella top quality, this wine is for you.

Take a look at our sparkling wines

Do you have a celebration coming up? Commitment to excellence and delicacy of sparkling DO Alella. If you want to buy DO Alella wine online, do it in our online shop for Catalan wines where you will find the best in the area with a unique and special touch.

Sparkling Wine Gran Minguet Brut Nature Reserve

Yellow “pink happiness” color and new gold reflection, with persistent fine bubbles with final crown formation.
The bubbles provide good company and with the complexity of the Gran Minguet a variety of long-boiling dishes, rabbit casserole, marmitako, roast chicken, tripe, and other patiently prepared dishes.

A great sparkling wine should never be absent at a great party. Now you can buy DO Alella wines online with the best quality in our DO Alella wine store at home.

Brut Nature Sparkling Wine

Gold in color with lemon reflections, fine and constant bubbles with crown formation. This wine offers a set of clean aromas on the nose, hints of white fruits and fruit flowers, on a subtle bitter vegetable accompanying delicate notes of nuts.
Ideal for high-level pairings such as Gallo de San Pedro fish with tender garlic, or clams in white wine.

Elles Sparkling wine

Sparkling rosé wine where the notes of red and forest fruits merge with a lively and persistent carbonic from the second fermentation in the bottle.
Created to honor the women in our family who always took on new projects with great strength and energy. Syrah, merlot and black garnacha drink.

Try out our red wines

If you need a wine shop online for pairing with meats and vegetables, certainly a domestic DO Alella red is just the thing. At Can Roda, you can buy DO Alella wines online of the best quality and with an excellent personality.

In our selection of Catalan wines you can choose from:

Syrah Grenache

Clean and light wine with a presence of carbon, red wine of intense pomegranate color and violet edges, with a light feeling in the presence in the glass and the presence of purple tears.
Red wine is fresh, pleasant to accompany meats and grilled vegetables.

Young red Merlot

Pomegranate-colored red wine of good aromatic intensity, fresh and sharp and with aromas of red fruit such as cherries and strawberries.
Ideal to pair with grilled meat dishes, ribs, stockings, blood sausage, and grilled vegetables.

Crianza Merlot Cabernet

A clean, dark cherry color wine with a medium-high layer and a brick rim. Good expression on the nose where the aromas of the aging, roasted memories, liquorice and subtle tobacco nose stand out, in the evolution in the glass, we find that the wine opens up to a palette of aromas of dense and compact fruits, blackberries, currant, sloe , elderberry.
It pairs perfectly with thin-cut meat dishes, such as canned beef with mushrooms, roast beef with grilled vegetables, or even snails a la llauna with aioli.

Red Wine La part dels Angels

Monovarietal Cabernet Sauvignon wine. Elegant black wine with personality, power in fruit, structure and marked tertiary character.
It was as our ancestors named the losses that occur in barrel aging wines. An almost divine justification to the creation of these wines!

Discover our rosé wine

If you want a special and delicate rosé, consider buying online from our Alella DO wine shop. It’s so easy. You can have your DO Alella wine at home in just a few days.

Syrah rosé

Rosé wine, Chrysler imperial pink color, of high bright intensity and with red reflections, with the presence of fine tears.
It is a good welcome drink, ideal to accompany tapas, spicy canapés, as well as specially seasoned sausage dishes.

In short, in our store you can buy DO Alella wines of the highest quality online. You can also find cases of wine to give to your friends, family or co-workers. We hope you try them and improve all your dishes with the variety that best suits them. Cheers!

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