White Wine Pansa Blanca Sauló Crianza

Crianza white wines are one of the pleasures that lovers of good wine enjoy. A good white wine is perfect to accompany a multitude of dishes, but especially fish and seafood dishes. that transport us to fish lunches and dinners on hot summer days.

At Can Roda we make delicious crianza wines, but we are especially proud of our Sauló Crianza, an elegant, tasty and delicate wine, from a superior category wine with the Alella designation of origin. Now you have the opportunity to buy our wines online, so you can order and enjoy them in a few hours.

  • Type of wine– White

  • Year– 2019

  • Designation of Origin– Alella
  • Volume– 75 cl.
  • Alc. Vol– 13%
  • Allergens– None
  • Grape variety– Pansa Blanca from old vines
  • Service temperature – between 10 and 14ºC


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Notes on our aged white wine Sauló

Our aged white wine has a lemon yellow color wine, which provides golden reflections, and has a dense appearance and persistent presence of tears.

On the nose, this aged white wine has good aromatic complexity, where the aromas of aging stand out, adorning the mark of white currants, an ordered mixture of fennel, pear, peach, vanilla, burnt cream, dairy products and fruit such as ripe melon or the apple baked in the oven.

The entrance into the mouth is slow, with a sweet and creamy feeling, well balanced with a subtle acidity that balances until the persistent finish with a very pleasant bitter sensation that returns the aromas of fruit, balsamic and aging.

Characteristics of our aged white wine Sauló

Our white wine aging wine is made with the Pasa White grape variety, characteristic of Alella, DO. It has an alcohol content of 13.00% and ideally served at a temperature between 10 and 14 °C.

How do we make our wine Sauló Crianza?

The production of our aged white wine is done through manual harvesting in boxes of 15 kg capacity, soft pressing with a pneumatic press and exclusively using the flower must and the soft pressing fractions up to 0.4 atm of pressure.

Static racking for 36 hours at 12ºC and subsequent fermentation in American and Hungarian oak barrels for 20 days. Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the coarse lees are removed by racking and aging continues for 6 months in oak barrels with fine lees 3 times a week, carrying out malolactic fermentation at the same time.

After the aging period, the wine is kept in a 600-liter barrel where it has been refined for 3 months before being bottled. Afterwards, the wines are stirred, clarified and filtered before bottling.

What to pair with our wine Sauló Crianza

This aged white wine is perfect to pair with all kinds of cured cheeses, white meats, baked fish, nuts and a wide variety of dishes related to these products.

We also encourage you to also try our Pansa Blanca white wine, our Muscat white wine or our rosé wines, red wines, aperitif wines, sweet wines and sparkling wines to accompany your culinary creations. Enter our online store and receive your white wine in a few hours!