Sparkling wine Brut Nature

SO Masia Can Roda brut nature
  • 9,6/10 – Catalonia Wine Guide 2020

A good celebration needs a good Brut Nature cava to give it life. And for when we want to celebrate any major event, we need to be able to toast to our loved ones.

Not all Brut Nature cavas are quality wines, so the more important the occasion of the celebration, the better sparkling we look for to honor such a great event.

If you want to look good, choose Brut Nature cava wines by Can Roda to celebrate events of all kinds. Buying a bottle of Brut Nature cava is a perfect idea, as they have a unique taste and are made completely organically, always using traditional methods.

  • Type of wine– Sparkling
  • Year– 2017
  • Designation of Origin– Alella
  • Volume– 75 cl.
  • Alc. Vol– 12,5%
  • Allergens– None
  • Grape variety– Pansa Blanca and Muscat
  • Service temperature – between 6 and 8ºC


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Notes on our sparkling Brut Nature

Our Brut Nature cava is a new gold colored wine with lemon reflections, fine and constant bubble, and with a crown formation.

Our Brut Nature cava has a set of clean aromas on the nose, hints of white fruits and fruit flowers, on a subtle bitter vegetable accompanied by delicate notes of nuts.

If you buy a bottle of Brut Nature cava you will be able to appreciate how its entry into the mouth is fresh, with a present and lively bubble that denotes a balanced tingling, a persistent finish with a creamy sensation and a dry final flavor where we rediscover the flowers, enhancing a few touches of pastries.

Features Brut Nature sparkling wine

The grape varieties we used to make our Brut Nature cava are pansa blanca, which is characteristic of the DO Alella and muscat. The alcohol content is 12% and is ideally served between 6 and 8°C.

How we make our sparkling wine Brut Nature?

The production of our Brut Nature cava is done using the slow secondary fermentation in the bottle following the traditional method for 45 days at a temperature of 12°C, and subsequent aging in stacks with the lees for a minimum period of 15 months. Afterwards, it’s rinsed and disgorged manually without any addition of expedition liqueur.

The wines we produce in Can Roda all have Alella designations of origin and are of excellent quality, produced in completely natural and ecological ways using the traditional method, which gives them their personality and superior flavor. Can Roda is one of the best Alela wineries near Barcelona.

How to pair Brut Nature sparkling wine from the Can Roda?

Ideally, you should accompany our Brut Nature cava with quality products, such as the fish dish gallo de San Pedro, tender garlic, or clams in white wine. Any dish can be washed down with our Brut Nature, and you can use it to toast after enjoying local desserts or delicious cakes. You can also choose its brother, the Brut Nature Reserva cava.

You can buy a bottle of Brut Nature cava in our online store, either individually or in a case of wine along with other sparkling wines from Can Roda.

If you want to try our other varieties, in the online store, you’ll find our white wines, red wines, aperitif wines, sweet wines and sparkling wines to pair with any delicious dish and celebrations with friends, family or colleagues.

Aside from buying a bottle of Brut Nature cava, you can also buy a sweet wine to make a quality and memorable gift to someone special or to accompany desserts.