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An original gift to surprise your friends, family or partner, and that does not expire

You can buy and give away this gift card from Celler Can Roda and exchange it for an oenological experience in our winery or a batch of wine from our online store. The person you are giving away will be able to choose the experience they like best, the day and time they prefer, so that the gift card does not expire.

You can accompany the gift card with a personalized message and choose whether to send it to the person you are giving it to yourself or by email yourself. You will receive a beautiful personalized pdf with a code that you can print yourself if you prefer to give it to him.

How much does it cost?

You decide. You will receive a gift card that can be exchanged for any experience. Depending on the amount of the gift card, the other person will be able to choose between one or the other.
If the person you are giving to wants a more expensive experience, they can pay the difference.
If you choose a cheaper experience, you can use the rest for another event or to come accompanied, paying the difference, or buy the batch of wines you prefer from the online store.
We recommend that the gift card is worth about 50-60 € because this is the average price of our experiences for two people, but if you want it to do more exclusive activities, such as our dinner with pairings, you have to do a gift card of about 100€.

Can I give away a specific experience?

Yes, if you want you can give away a specific experience that you choose from those available on the calendar on our website. To do this, you must book the experience directly and choose the day and time you want to give away. The reservation will automatically be sent to your email so that you can print it out and give it away. Anyway, as you never know the schedules and agenda of the people around you, we recommend that you give away an open online gift card and that the other person chooses. Remember that coupons do not expire.

Can I give away an online gift card to multiple people?

Yes, what you will give away is a gift card that can be exchanged for our experiences, as if it were a piggy bank. If you want to give away an experience for two people, just make a larger card, for example € 60, or € 90, if you want to come 3 … or more if you want to be several people or you want the person to whom make the gift you can choose various wine experiences and products from the online store.

How do I buy a gift card online?

1. MAKE A PURCHASE OF THE GIFT CARD: Fill in the form above and make the payment online. If you have any questions, contact us.
2. RECEIVE THE GIFT CARD: You will receive the gift card immediately by e-mail and you can print it or send it to the person you want.

How do I make the payment?

You can make the payment directly on the web by credit card or bank transfer. We recommend that you order it online because it is much faster. That way we won’t make you wait!

How can the recipient use the gift card?

Once the lucky person has received the gift card, either because you have printed it or because you have sent it by e-mail, he / she will have to enter our online store and choose the experience that suits him / her best. Once you know which one, you will need to choose the day and time you prefer and add it to your shopping cart.
Once you have it in the shopping cart and go to pay for it, you must indicate the code attached to the card in the field provided. You will immediately see how the card amount is deducted.

If the online gift card you received is worth 50€ and you book an experience for 2 people worth 50€, the result to be paid will be 0€. You will have to go through the whole process until you see the booking confirmation page.

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