The Beginning

Discover the story behind the Celler Can Roda

Our farmhouse is one with history close to Barcelona. The first document that mentions it is from 1447 and currently sits in the Diocesan Archive of Barcelona (ADB).

This document refers to the possessions of the owner of Can Roda, Joan Roda, in Santa Maria de Martorelles. Before that, Joan Roda acquired the surrounding land and the farmhouse. Comments on these documents confirm that, previously, the farm was named Can Maiolo.

Initially, this historical farmhouse went from being a wealthy home in the late Middle Ages to a decadent hacienda in the mid seventeenth century. A few years later it became the House of Orphaned Children and during the War of Independence (1808-1814), the house served as headquarters of the somaténs of Martorelles and Sant Fost.

It’s suspected that this historical farmhouse was destroyed and rebuilt in 1867. The date of its inauguration still appears written in several corners of the house and its surroundings.


About its beginnings as a winery and vineyard

In 1864, Can Roda was acquired by the Bonaplata family of Barcelona and built in Santa Maria de Martorelles this historical farmhouse with forty hectares surrounded by woods and vineyards.

The farmhouse has an unprecedented construction style with a square plan with predominance of tile on stone, which differentiates it from the type of architecture characteristic of Catalan manor houses, probably because its construction was later.

We’ve been making Alella wines in this historical farmhouse since 2010, in the north of Barcelona. The farmhouse has seven hectares of vineyards with varieties of the pansa blanca grape, the native variety of the region, muscat, merlot and cabernet.

We produce up to eight wines: whites (Pansa Blanca Muscat, Pansa Blanca and Crianza Sauló); red (Jove Merlot, Cabernet Merlot Crianza, Grenache and Syrah Part dels Àngels); Rosé (Rosé Syrah), sparkling wine (Brut, Brut Nature Reserve and Elles) and one aperitif (Clarea).


Enjoy its excellent location

Located in a privileged setting, this historical farmhouse is surrounded by vineyards and forests. Can Roda is a natural oasis next to Barcelona located in the Sierra de Marina Nature Park.

The Sierra de Marina is a mountain chain with a moderate altitude that never exceeds 600 m. It is unique due to the fact that it rises steeply between the seacoast and the Vallès plain. The mountain range separates the Vallés Oriental region from those of Maresme and Barcelonès.

Do you want to find out more? Come visit us and discover all the details first-hand. You can enjoy a walk through the vineyards and taste our wines either on the terrace or while participating in one of our oenological experiences. And if the day is extended longer than you expect, you can go to the best hotels and restaurants near Barcelona and complete your getaway.


Beginning of the production of wines within the DO Alella


Organic wines

50 mil

bottels per year

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