A morning among horses and wine tasting

15,00 tax included

Welcome to a special experience at Celler Can Roda.
We invite you to immerse yourself in our forest together with the horses that take care of our undergrowth. A perfect activity for the little ones that the whole family can enjoy.

Bring the little ones to live a special experience among free horses and interact with them in their natural environment. You can get up close and touch them, accompanied by our specialist guide in horse therapies, Alba, who will help you get to know them better. They will learn what they like, how they communicate, the bonds of friendship they establish…

It will be an unforgettable morning, full of laughter and surprises, where children will learn to respect and care for animals from a young age.

After the little ones have enjoyed their adventure with the horses; you will be able to relax and enjoy a glass of wine and tapas with local food in our winebar. The little ones will have a cup of hot chocolate waiting for them.

Our quality wines pair perfectly with the delicious tapas on our menu. So, you can then order the dishes you like the most and enjoy the unique flavors we offer in a warm and welcoming environment.

But that’s not all! At Can Roda, the fun never ends. Our farm welcomes a wide variety of animals: ducks, turtles and chickens. Children will have the opportunity to interact with them and learn about the importance of country life. An educational and exciting experience for everyone!

Come and participate in an enriching experience that combines nature and gastronomy in one place. We guarantee that it will be an unforgettable day for the whole family!

The activity includes:

  • Children’s session with horses from our forest (adults can accompany them) – 1h
  • Walk through the vineyards and visit the animals: ducks, turtles, chickens, etc.
  • Welcome glass in the winebar and cup of chocolate for the children + tapas of local food from km 0
  • Winebar

Day: Sunday 4th of February 2024
Hour: 11:00h
Duration: 2 hours
Price: Adult/s: 10€ – Youth (10-18 anys): 15€ – Children (<10 years): 15€

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